S18431 - Dyscrasite - $1500
Uranium Mine No. 21, Pribram, Central Bohemia Region, Bohemia, Czech Republic

Overall Size: 7.6 x 5.3 cm

This is an unusually fine and excellent specimen of the well-known silver mineral, dyscrasite, seen here in twinned crystals to 2.5 cm. They are externally intact, well terminated blades in pristine condition. They are also sharp for the species. This piece was extracted during the 1980s, and the piece comes with a label from Victor Yount.

S18433 - Barite - $5500
Meikle Mine, Bootstrap District, Elko Co., Nevada

Overall Size: 19 x 13 cm

A complex, heavily crystallized, 7-inch plate of barite, with crystals up to 4 cm piled on top. Crystals are basically pure golden yellow “windowpanes” but have contrasting patches of clearly visible underlying black matrix. Nearly perfect, this specimen is impressive, flashy and especially fine in every respect.

S18438 - Dyscrasite - SOLD
Uranium Mine No. 21, Pribram, Central Bohemia Region, Bohemia, Czech Republic

Overall Size: 4.2 x 3.1 cm

This is a modern classic from Pribram in the Czech Republic, and the piece is composed of bright to lead gray crystals, with individuals to 3.6 cm. The specimen has an interesting fish bone pattern, with crystals growing from a spine of twins.

S18442 - Dravite - $1250
D-Block Mine, Merelani Hills, Simanjiro District, Manyara Region, Tanzania

Overall Size: 1.6 x 1.5 cm

This spectacular crystal of dravite emits intense deep green. I have to say, it is a jewel in person. The thing really pops! Much larger crystals are available, but this specimen has eye appeal.

S18443 - Beryl (Var. Morganite) with Muscovite - $2750
Elizabeth R. Mine, Pala District, San Diego Co., California

Overall Size: 5.5 x 5 cm

This entire specimen is just plain pretty and easy on the eyes. On the prisms of this specimen are beveled faces, several of them against another, to create a sort of staircase specimen. The crystals are peachy pink and translucently clear, with its core slightly more opaque. This morganite, an all-time California classic, is pristine without repair and comes from a find in 2005 from the Elizabeth R. Mine.

S18444 - Diopside - $750
Chamachhu, Haramosh Mts., Skardu District, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

Overall Size: 6 x 2.2 cm

This specimen resembles high-quality alpine epidote, and the interior glows a rarer shade of green similar to old Knappenwand. Their doubly terminated ends and parallel growth is often arranged in similar fashion, with crystals in a clearly defined natural mold and gem state. The glassy faces of these prisms is especially noteworthy.

S18446 - Eudidymite - SOLD
Eudidymite Locality, Lille Aroya, Langesundsfjorden, Norway

Overall Size: 1.7 x 1.1 cm

An old European twin of eudidymite from the dealer stock of Albert Foote with his label and the label of Southwest Scientific Company. Good ones are relatively uncommon from Norway, and this sort of rarity is more than 100 years old. This glassy, sharp, pearlescent crystal is complete all around without any damage.

S18450 - Euxenite-(Y) - SOLD
Ankazobe Pegmatite Field, Analamanga Region, Antananarivo Province, Madagascar

Overall Size: 5.7 x 3.1 cm

This is an early specimen of euxenite from Madagascar and from dealer Robert Roots. The mineral rarely comes this nice and sharp, and the crystal of 3.6 cm is well set in matrix. This piece is in excellent condition and the pics do it justice.

S18451 - Rhodochrosite - $200
Sunnyside Mine, Gladstone, San Juan Co., Colorado

Overall Size: 3 x 2.3 cm

An American classic of discoidal soft pink rhodochrosite from the Sunnyside mine in Colorado. This piece came from Willard Perkin, inventor of the Perky box, with his label.

S18452 - Calcite - SOLD
Trepca Stan Terg Mine, Trepca Complex, Kosovska Mitrovica, Kosovo

Overall Size: 8.8 x 4.6 cm

This is an impressive and showy specimen of calcite. The frontal display face is complete and pristine, though kind of plain in appearance, the crystals present well displaying serrated edges down to a point.

S18454 - Mimetite with Hemimorphite and Willemite - $150
M'fouati Mine, M'fouati District, Bouenza Department, Republic of Congo

Overall Size: 7 x 7 cm

This association piece is made up of mimetite, hemimorphite and willemite. A cavity richly lined with all three species glistening from matrix, and a rarity until quite recently.

S18458 - Prehnite with Quartz - SOLD
Hongquizhen Quarry, Liangshan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China

Overall Size: 5 x 3.2 cm

This prehnite exhibits sculptural shape and form, only this piece consists of elevated cubic edges instead of crusts, with a cluster of quartz artfully set atop. This piece is older material of high quality in pristine condition.

S18460 - Spessartine - $100
Marienfluss, Kunene Region, Namibia

Overall Size: 3.6 x 3 cm

This tangerine-orange spessartine is stunning, and the small but bright crystals sit situated all over the piece. This garnet is highly representative and likely to be a perfect fit.

S18462 - Rhodonite - $5000
Morro da Mina Mine, Conselheiro Lafaiete, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Overall Size: 8.6 x 5.2 cm

This Mn-rich skarn produced some of the nicest rhodonites around when miners started to uncover a jump in quality in the mid-2000s from the Morro da Mina mine in Brazil. The finest crystals are much larger than any previous worldwide finds, which collectors admire so much, and on a scale of deep red color they are perhaps even more saturated. This specimen is roughly diamond shaped, strikingly large at 8.6 cm in contrast to notably white colored matrix. This is, for the collector, such a cresting crystal of an attractive rarity.

S18465 - Azurite with Arsentsumebite - Price on Request
Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb, Otjikoto Region, Namibia

Overall Size: 9.2 x 6.3 cm

This matrix of arsentsumebite, which features lively apple-green color, is full of tiny twinned crystals in striking contrast to azurite, and this combination is one of the most famous and attractive from Tsumeb, and justly so. They make magnificent display specimens and only come from Tsumeb, with an ultimate showing of dramatic color contrast. When placed in a case next to other specimens it really has overwhelming POP and GLOW by comparison.

S18467 - Quartz (Var. Amethyst) with Epidote - SOLD
Las Vigas, Veracruz, Mexico

Overall Size: 8 x 4.4 cm

This is an outstanding amethyst of exceptional clarity and pleasing grape-purple hue. As important as that is, it needs more to make the piece stand out, and that would be a distinct style of long sceptered amethyst towering above matrix. This specimen is incredibly pristine and complete all around.

S18470 - Lazulite with Siderite - $150
Rapid Creek, Dawson Mining District, Yukon Territory, Canada

Overall Size: 7.6 x 5 cm

This specimen of lazulite is balanced, with consistent glasslike luster. The bright azure-blue cluster of crystals to 2.6 cm are not interlocking too much as is usually the case, and a true cluster in contrast to lustrous siderite pops more effectively.

S18472 - Fluorite with Chalcopyrite and Galena - $750
Slitt Vein, Blackdene Mine, Weardale, North Pennines, Co., Durham, England

Overall Size: 11 x 7.5 cm

An important and classy specimen from an old and classic English locality that is now closed. The Blackdene mine started mining operations in 1401. However, this piece came out in the early 1970s. This association is exceptional and from here in particular, with such crystallization of brassy chalcopyrite clustered atop fluorite. The piece comes with previous owners labels.

S18475 - Hausmannite with Calcite - $200
N'Chwaning II Mine, Kalahari Manganese Fields, Northern Cape Province, South Africa

Overall Size: 6 x 4.7 cm

This specimen of hausmannite consists of sharp, brilliantly lustrous crystals to 2 cm selectively layered with calcite. This is a good one for the manganese oxide mineral.

S18477 - Smithsonite - SOLD
Berg Aukas, Grootfontein District, Otjozondjupa Region, Namibia

Overall Size: 4.3 x 3.7 cm

This pleasing yellow smithsonite is particularly fine and attractive. At nearly 2.5 cm, considered large by other locality standards and on matrix, this cluster shows excellent form with some side cleaves.

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