S21512 - Pyrrhotite with Galena - $450
Nikolaevskiy Mine, Dal'negorsk, Primorskiy Kray, Russia

Overall Size: 5 x 4.3 cm

This is an excessively bright and flashy specimen of pyrrhotite of slightly iridescent, tarnished golden bronze crystals to 4 cm. A Dal’negorsk combination piece of high quality and undamaged crystals.

S21516 - Rhodochrosite - $650
Uchucchacua Mine, Oyon Province, Lima Department, Peru

Overall Size: 3 x 2 cm

A stunning specimen of one of the most desirable Peruvian classics. A grouping of rhodochrosite that give off a cherry-red glow in contrast to matrix. Nice full-sized thumbnail with main crystal complete all around. Ex. Robert Driscoll collection

S21518 - Linarite with Brochantite and Quartz - $450
Blanchard Claim, Bingham, Socorro Co., New Mexico

Overall Size: 3.2 x 2.2 cm

This classic style recovered from Blanchard immediately stands out. The composition and contrast of electric-blue linarite sprinkled over galena coated quartz shows nicely here. Ex. Robert Driscoll collection

S21520 - Grossular (Var. Hessonite) with Calcite - $550
Vesper Peak, Sultan District, Snohomish Co., Washington

Overall Size: 2.8 x 1.8 cm

Striking group of hessonite with just the right amount of cinnamon-red color from Vesper Peak. Even the gem quality is instantly noticeable and emits a fiery glow in each undamaged crystal. Few hessonite localities in America produce this quality. Ex. Robert Driscoll collection

S21522 - Diopside - $650
Bellecombe, Chatillon, Aosta Valley, Italy

Overall Size: 2.3 x 1.4 cm

In the 1970s and 1980s Bellecombe produced some quality diopside. As shown the crystal shows well from each side and is exceptionally clear with a sharp chiseled termination in pristine condition. Ex. Robert Driscoll collection

S21526 - Andradite - SOLD
Mega Horio, Serifos Island, Kyklades Prefecture, Greece

Overall Size: 4.2 x 3 cm

Classic group of reddish brown dodecahedral andradites of Greek origin. The crystals of various sizes are nicely clustered along and represent notably sharp dodecahedral habit. Ex. Robert Driscoll collection

S21528 - Adamite - $850
Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico

Overall Size: 8.8 x 5 cm

Fine and rich coverage of yellowish adamite tinged with red iron oxides. All of the crystals are undamaged, bright and sharp though some expected contacting exists around the edges.

S21530 - Hematite - $500
Mt. Calvario, Biancavilla, Etna Volcanic Complex, Sicily, Italy

Overall Size: 3.5 x 2 cm

A lesser known source and much harder to find hematite from Mt Calvario in Sicily, Italy. This locality produced pleasing mirror-bright crystals of high quality. Formerly in the collection of Robert Driscoll, with his old faded label.

S21533 - Aurichalcite with Hemimorphite and Calcite - $650
79 Mine, Banner District, Gila Co., Arizona

Overall Size: 9 x 5 cm

Quite choice for the species. This specimen of aurichalcite is sporting acicular needle-like crystals in pristine condition without scuffed up areas. Combine this with colorless hemimorphite and white calcite make it all the more attractive.

S21534 - Magnetite - SOLD
Madawaska Mine, Faraday Township, Hastings Co., Ontario, Canada

Overall Size: 3.4 x 3 cm

A remarkable specimen of magnetite that dates back to the 1970s. Significantly complex and complete most of the way around, such a fine locality piece is rarely encountered.

S21536 - Microcline (Var. Amazonite) with Quartz - SOLD
Crystal Peak, Teller Co., Colorado

Overall Size: 5 x 3 cm

This beautiful amazonite is rich in blue color and high luster exhibiting fine quality, and a single smoky quartz sits nicely on the edge as well. Very showy and effective display miniature.

S21538 - Scheelite - $750
Camp Bird Mine, Sneffels Mining District, Ouray Co., Colorado

Overall Size: 3.5 x 2.7 cm

The Camp Bird mine in Colorado is one of the better localities for American scheelite. This cluster has the typical sharp brown crystals, with many of them sitting perfectly upright and exposed from all sides. Ex. Robert Driscoll collection

S21541 - Fluorite - $450
Riemvasmaak, Kakamas District, Northern Cape Province, South Africa

Overall Size: 9 x 5.5 cm

This showy specimen of fluorite is rich in color from Riemvasmaak, a pair of sharp octahedrons to 5.5 cm in good condition. The locality has produced what many consider some of the nicest shades of green.

S21543 - Smithsonite - SOLD
Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb, Oshikoto Region, Namibia

Overall Size: 2.5 x 2 cm

A gorgeous cluster of deep pink smithsonite of slightly transparent crystals to 1.5 cm. Slightly bruised though the main scalenohedral crystal is in good condition.

S21544 - Barite - SOLD
Meikle Mine, Bootstrap District, Elko Co., Nevada

Overall Size: 2.2 x 2 cm

This single came from the well-known find in Nevada. A thick, tabular crystal of exceptional clarity and watery luster, set off all the more by vibrant yellow.

S21547 - Elbaite - $350
Dudley Pegmatite, Penneshaw, South Australia, Australia

Overall Size: 1.6 x 1.5 cm

A locality elbaite from Australia is relatively rare and this one came from the collection of Robert Driscoll with a faded label. The crystal is rehealed on back and entirely transparent if backlit.

S21549 - Spessartine with Albite - SOLD
Pack Rat Mine, Jacumba Mining District, San Diego Co., California

Overall Size: 5.7 x 4 cm

A fine example of lustrous orange spessartine with contrasting albite. The crystals are high quality for the locality.

S21554 - Elbaite - SOLD
Gillette Quarry, Haddam Neck, Haddam, Middlesex Co., Connecticut

Overall Size: 3.8 x 0.5 cm

This prime example of Connecticut elbaite comes out of the Robert Driscoll collection with an old faded label included. A well terminated, pleasing green crystal to 3.8 cm. Contacting is limited to back otherwise in excellent condition.

S21556 - Gypsum - $250
Willow Creek, Nanton, Alberta, Canada

Overall Size: 3.5 x 2 cm

A perfectly formed, colorless crystal of gypsum that is entirely clear. A high quality example of selenite in good condition.

S21558 - Galena with Quartz - $150
Nikolaevskiy Mine, Dal'negorsk, Primorskiy Kray, Russia

Overall Size: 3 x 2.5 cm

Choice Dal’negorsk galena, with the typical melted appearance and nickel-bright luster that makes them attractive. A full-sized thumbnail with undamaged crystals.

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