This is an excellent piece of California real estate. Absolutely GORGEOUS and HIGHLY prized by those of us living in the
golden state, and I must admit this "Popsicle" is an all-time favorite of mine. It comes from the Ralph Potter era of
mining. One very noteworthy characteristic of these elbaites is strong bicolor crystals of such deep coloration, some
of them have been considered the finest in the world. The most valuable of which are pronounced shades of lush-green
and hot-pink saturation and this magnificent elbaite fits that description to a T. Aesthetic matrix Himalaya specimens, this
fine and perfect, don’t go cheap. The most presentable crystals from this classic locality mount up so very well on
microcline, that they let you see their dominant two-tone color from every angle. Miraculously, this specimen is not
repaired, nor does the crystal show any damage.