S23033 – Calcite

Pretty rose colored calcites sit on a thin carpet of gorgeous magenta red erythrite sprays. Only a handful of good places for the mineral in such sought after pinks.

S22831 – Roselite

This specimen features a gorgeous spread of violet ruby-red roselite sprinkled over matrix measuring 11.5 x 10 cm. Roselite was first described in 1825 from Schneeberg, Germany though today the richest specimens come from Morocco. Surprisingly good coverage and glistening quality.

S22835 – Erythrite

An uncommon and attractive specimen of magenta-red erythrite paired with fuchsia-pink spherocobaltite. Impressive as shown, with eye-catching quality and fine silky luster for the two species.

S22836 – Erythrite

Impressive magenta-red erythrite to 4 cm paired with fuchsia-pink spherocobaltite from finds that took place in 2000-2001, and a particularly fine one from Bou Azzer in Morocco. Erythrite is of considerable size and an outstanding example of its type.

S22838 – Calcite

This pink calcite is stunningly beautiful, with a vibrant, bright and bold clean color. All crystals are intact making this miniature particularly fine.

S21916 – Calcite

Considerably fuchsia pink. This cobaltoan calcite has great eye appeal, with a vibrant, bright and bold clean color. Individual crystals reach between 1 and 1.8 cm. This is older material from this world-renowned locale and would make a colorful addition.

S20726 – Calcite

This cobaltoan calcite is stunningly beautiful, with a vibrant, bright and bold clean color. Considerably fuchsia pink. On top of that, all crystals are intact and well positioned, making this thumbnail particularly fine.

S19743 – Quartz

This extraordinary combination is similar to only a handful that I have seen. Considered exceptional due to rarity of smoky quartz against fuchsia-pink dolomite, in this case an undamaged and doubly terminated quartz.

S18766 – Erythrite

This lavish plum-red specimen of attractive display is the highest appeal one could ask for in Moroccan material, and all of the crystals sit intact, including the quartz. The crystal separation here is readily distinguishable from other erythrites by comparison with intergrown crystals, which is one of the qualities of this piece.

S14260 – Calcite

This hot-pink calcite is one of the most impressive half-dome type specimens we have ever seen. GREAT EYE APPEAL on these crystals that rotate away from the center and generally have a circular display to them, more or less resembling petals of a rose. This colorful arrangement has immense beauty to it. There is a hint of purple in some of the individual crystal clusters that measure 2.3 cm in every direction. Ex. Keith Proctor collection