S22038 – Boleite

A single of indigo-blue boleite coming from finds dating to the 1970s from Baja California in Mexico. A high luster and smooth crystal, with its cube nicely modified by faces of the octahedron.

S20637 – Boleite

An appealing and lustrous crystal of boleite measuring 1 cm on edge. The cube is nicely modified by the faces of the octahedron. This is an outstanding thumbnail of boleite with matrix.

S20345 – Boleite

A splendid piece from this famous locale. The highly treasured rarity of boleite from Boleo, Mexico is perhaps one of the most desirable rare minerals of larger size. A good one is almost impossible to get now and in this case undamaged with luster.

S17652 – Boleite

This specimen has cuboctahedral crystals up to 1.1 cm situated all over the piece. This boleite is replaced by baby-blue chrysocolla and speckled with drusy quartz. This type of pseudomorph is highly unusual.

S16267 – Cumengite

Fine Mexican cumengeite is among the rarest of all display rarities, and they remain the finest known examples of the species. At 0.6 cm in length, this one sits well aligned epitaxially on the faces of boleite, giving off a gorgeous blue with a slight tinge of violet red.

S15962 – Boleite

An imposing, awe-inspiring rarity from this famous locale. The highly treasured and sought after mineral boleite from Boleo, Mexico is one of perhaps just a handful of most desirable worldwide localities. While the clay matrix is rather unattractive, they are best of species and almost impossible to get in large crystals, such as these brilliant blue iridescent cubes up to 1 x 1 cm. This is major for the classic locality.