S14853 – Elbaite

This is an outstanding combination specimen of elbaite and quartz, with a style all its own. It’s remarkable how these two minerals crystallized into such a fine pair of sceptered crystals. The outer layer of this bottle-green elbaite has been partly dissolved on all sides, forming very glassy, well defined pyramidal ends.

S14873 – Elbaite

The BRIGHT OVERALL QUALITY of this gem crystal is impeccable and very similar to highly polished jewels of high dispersion and clarity. This piece is a must see in person, no damage.

S11157 – Elbaite

World famous for spectacular tourmalines, Brazilian gem mines have some of the prettiest crystals ever, and Barra de Salinas surely is included for its insane color. Many of us are aware of the typical
green and red crystals from countless sources, but orange! Yes, that’s right, this pencil exhibits an
unforgettable shade of orange. It is actually more vivid in real life.